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Southeast Boise Walking and Biking Plan | Ada County, Idaho

Ada County Highway District (ACHD) hired J-U-B to prepare a Neighborhood Walking and Biking plan for the Southeast Boise area. The purpose of the plan is to interact with citizens and discuss their issues, concerns and ideas related to pedestrian and bicycle needs in the study area.

As part of the public involvement process, The Langdon Group (TLG) customized an interactive web-based map tool, 3P Visual, which enabled the public to double click on the map and type their concerns.  Based on the public’s feedback gathered through 3P Visual, this plan identified policies and projects that will be implemented by ACHD and the City of Boise to improve pedestrian and bicycle usage within the area. 3P Visual greatly enhanced the public involvement process by providing an effective and efficient format for the public to voice their concerns and report critical issues at their leisure. The results of this powerful tool made it possible for ACHD to analyze over 500 comments and focus on trends that were of most concern to the public.