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Yellowstone Corridor Master Plan | Bannock County, Idaho

The Bannock Transportation Planning Organization (BTPO) and the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) worked together to update the master plan for Yellowstone Highway in Bannock County, ID. The portion of Yellowstone Highway being studied is six miles long, covers two municipalities and includes various land uses, businesses, a university and interstate connections. TLG created and implemented a process to solicit the public’s feedback on the current conditions and future of the corridor, and worked with planners and engineers to help outline and detail potential improvements for the Yellowstone corridor.

Not only does this project include the use of traditional public outreach techniques (public meetings, mailers, stakeholder interviews, etc.), TLG worked with BTPO and GIS experts to develop a web-based commenting tool that allows for online commenting and visualization of public comments. All of the feedback gathered throughout the process was incorporated into the planning document and used to develop future plans and projects for Yellowstone Highway.