Kelsea Macllroy
January 13 | 2023

Kelsea MacIlroy is an experienced social science researcher, facilitator, and project manager. She specializes in collaborative facilitation around natural resource use and planning, conservation, and issues of environmental justice. She specializes in developing comprehensive situation assessments. In her work, she aims to develop a deeper understanding of issues, barriers, and opportunities for collaboration in challenging, multi-party situations.

Kelsea has extensive research experience in agricultural water and conservation, particularly in Colorado and the Colorado River Basin, where she has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of legal, social, economic, and ecological considerations. Over the last 12+ years, she has interviewed hundreds of stakeholders and concerned communities, which have culminated in a variety of publications and presentations. Kelsea is a sought-after speaker, who has been asked to present at Colorado Water Congress, the Colorado Agricultural Commission, Colorado’s Division of Water Resources, and the 2023 Colorado Drought Summit. Her publications include Lessons Learned from Colorado Experiences with Interstate Compact Administration (2021) with Hannah Holm and Exploring Perceptions of a Voluntary Water Conservation Program on the Western Slope of Colorado (2019).