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3P Visual

Public Process Visualization to Make Informed Decisions

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It is critical in public processes to collect and interpret stakeholder feedback in ways that enhance an organization’s ability to make good decisions at the Public, Policy and Program levels. The Langdon Group Inc. and Gateway Mapping have developed a public comment categorization and visualization method to supplement the public involvement and project communication process called 3P Visual.

3P Visual gives clients a tool to show the location and nature of public feedback, linking geographic context to stakeholder feedback. This resource is used as a guide to better understand the significance of comments and draw correlations. In the end, a city or project team is easily able to identify vocal minorities, understand what stakeholders are saying with enhanced visual context and create strategies accordingly.

This process has been used to enhance a variety of master plans, municipal public opinion surveys, emergency canal reconstruction efforts, high-conflict environmental projects and politically-sensitive water conservancy district projects.

All have seen the following benefits:

Time Savings
Mapping feedback provides a faster, simpler way for the client to access and interpret stakeholder feedback at a glance, making it easy to proactively find solutions throughout all phases of a project.

Improved Communications
By presenting project design elements and stakeholder feedback in Google Earth®, all members of the team get information from the same source and are able to stay on the same page.

Informed Decisions
3P Visual combines data collection, spatial technology and public involvement analysis to allow for visually-informed decision making. This resource can be used as a guide to better understand the significance of comments, draw correlations, and develop more effective and efficient outreach strategies.