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Design Thinking

Design Thinking is at the core of our approach. Design Thinking starts with people and places them at the center of each project phase, process, initiative, strategy, and task. This approach ensures that decisions and solutions are informed by peoples’ experiences. We do this with our ability and willingness to collaborate across the full spectrum of participation from informing to engaging and involving stakeholders, strategic partners, the public, and anybody or anything that could contribute value or “blow up” the potential solution.

There are several design thinking processes. We subscribe to, and are trained in, three of the top design thinking processes: Harvard, Stanford, and IDEO. These three processes generally cover the same process flow:

There are three primary components to our Design Thinking mindset, each with specific objectives: HEAR, CREATE, and DELIVER. We HEAR by better understanding needs, desires, hopes, fears, aspirations, and experiences of the end user. This understanding informs the plan, strategy, actions and tasks we CREATE, which ensures successful implementation and DELIVERY.

With experts in organizational management, process design, data visualization and planning, the TLG team brings together the tangible skills and mindset needed for successful design thinking efforts. Our practitioners are extensively trained in design-thinking frameworks including workshops conducted by leading design-thinking professionals at Harvard and IDEO. We have successfully applied this knowledge to produce better project outcomes for our clients. This approach ensures that narratives, concerns, values, problems, opportunities, solutions, and decisions are informed by sound data and user experiences.