Jeni Goff
June 2 | 2021

Jeni Goff is a recent graduate at Weber State University (WSU). She studied Communication with an emphasis in public relations and advertising and a track in visual communication. Jeni has worked for a nonprofit organization called Needs Beyond Medicine (NBM), as an intern. She helped with communication, marketing, and branding for NBM.

Jeni has a strong work ethic and is willing to learn and grow. She has been in many leadership positions because of her hard work. When in a work environment Jeni is always willing to ask questions to get a better understanding of what is being asked of her. She is always looking for ways to better herself professionally and personally. Being a responsible and a loyal friend are traits that Jeni values for herself.

Building genuine connections with people is what Jeni enjoys doing when meeting new people. She likes getting to know people who are different from her because she thinks the more variety of people you know the more knowledge you will have.